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Do you know who is staying in your home tonight?

Rent your vacation home safely.

MetLife partnered with Safely to better protect your family’s assets when renting your vacation home.

Get the most comprehensive vacation rental coverage at no extra cost to you.

Hosting a paying guest in your home is a commercial activity, so it is not covered by homeowners insurance.

Safely offers primary insurance coverage for your rental reservations with up to $1 million in damage and liability protection.

The Safely fee replaces the traditional damage deposit, so it is entirely paid for by your guests upon booking.



Safely answers your two most pressing questions

when you’re renting your home to strangers…

Who is staying in my house?

What happens when

something goes wrong?

Together MetLife and Safely gives you the best protection 
no matter how you use your home.

Begin protecting your home today:



 Create your free Safely account here

 Add the Safely Fee to your home listings

 Connect your reservation calendars

Safely easily integrates with your existing booking sites. Just connect your reservation calendars to your Safely account.

Our Safely fee replaces the traditional damage deposit. Now your guests are paying less up-front for their reservations and you’re saving time by not having to refund deposits.

You don’t pay any monthly fees or sign any long-term contacts to use Safely. 

Your worst guests are eliminated.

Safely helps you avoid renting to the worst guests. We do this by verifying every guest against our Vacation Record, a worldwide database of rental guest history collected from over one million vacation nights and designed to capture things like house rule violations, disputed payments, and property damage.

We also comb through 200+ global fraud and crime databases to check:

  • Identity fraud
  • Money launderers
  • Interpol wanted persons
  • Sex offenders
  • Felony records
  • Suspicious IP addresses

Our verification process is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)and The Fair Housing ActThis is a non-invasive check that does not add any extra burden for your guests or you. It does not require a social security number and won’t touch or impact credit reports.

Your reservations are automatically insured.

Once your reservations are connected to your Safely account, they are covered with up to $1 million in damage and liability protection, plus up to $10,000 of insurance on the contents of your home and the guest’s belongings.


Your claims are processed quickly and easily.

You can easily file a claim and track its process all within your Safely account. Claims are usually paid within 14 days directly into your bank account.

“I was able to easily file my claim with Safely and got money in my account in less than 2 weeks!”  – Jerry S. | Homeowner

Protect your home today in just 3 easy steps:

1. Create your free Safely Account

2. Add your property & fees

3. Connect your reservation calendars

Homes Insured

Nights Protected

Liability Covered

It only takes 15 minutes to protect your home safely.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why doesn’t my existing home owners insurance cover vacation rentals?

Under a standard home insurance policy, you’re not allowed to use your home for commercial activities. Hosting a paying guest to stay in your home is classified as a commercial activity.


How is Safely different from my homesharing’s platform guarantee or insurance?

Each platform has a slightly different offering so it’s difficult to be absolute. Firstly, a guarantee is no substitute for insurance, and doesn’t come with the same safeguards and regulation. Be aware of the words ‘guarantee’ and ‘insurance’ and do not confuse one for the other. In the terms and conditions for Airbnb, for example, it includes wording such as “Airbnb strongly encourages you to purchase separate insurance that will cover you and your property for losses caused by guests”, “the entire risk…remains with you” and they make it clear that their Host Guarantee is actually “not insurance”. For platforms that do offer insurance, you should check if the platforms insurance T&C’s. Some offer great cover, others not. The one thing to remember, and it’s as simple as it is important, the risk stops with you; it’s your home so you should take the responsibility and control of insuring it properly.


What if the loss or damage is not accidental during vacation rental stay?

If the rental guest steals something or is intentionally destructive, you may have to file a police report — it is still covered by Safely.


Does Safely’s guest verification impact the guest or homeowner’s credit?

A hard credit pull can lower your FICO score. Our verification won’t do that. Our verification does not even touch your guest’s or homeowner’s credit scores. This is a non-invasive check that does not add any extra burden for your guests or homeowners. This comprehensive verification process does not require a social security number and won’t touch or impact credit reports.


Who is insured with Safely?

Our coverage includes three named insured parties: The homeowner, the guest, and the property manager (if applicable).


How long does it take to receive a claim from Safely?

Our claims are usually paid within 14 days.

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