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Vacation Rental Insurance for Homeowners

Get comprehensive vacation rental insurance.

When you rent your home, you are actually running a business. In most cases, businesses require commercial insurance.

With Safely, you have:

  • Up to $1,000,000 of home structure and bodily injury coverage
  • $1,500 of contents coverage for you and your guests
  • No need for a damage deposit

Safely answers your two most pressing questions when renting out your vacation home to internet strangers…

Why homeowners trust Safely


Homeowner Liability Covered in 2019


Average Days to Pay a Claim

Why homeowners trust Safely


Homeowner Liability Covered in 2019


Average Days to Pay a Claim

Safely protects when you rent

Safely coverage kicks in whenever your home is occupied by paying guests. Safely insurance covers both you and your guests, including:

  • Home structure
  • Bodily injury
  • Contents and belongings
  • Your liability
  • Guest Liability

All of this is paid for by your guests when they book. 

Avoid renting to the worst guests

Safely helps you identify the worst guests. We do this by screening every guest against our ⓘ Bad Guest Database, compiled from over 330,000 insured nights. Our experience allows us to identify signals of fraud, abuse, and bad behavior so you know which reservations to keep an eye on.

You can start protecting your home in less than 15 minutes

Responsive claim processing

You run a business. Your home needs to be ready when your next guests arrive. This is why we pay claims as quickly and accurately as possible – so you can get back to your business. 

You can file a claim in under five minutes and track its process anytime. We pay claims in just 4.7 days on average, and directly into your bank account.

Trusted by homeowners and industry pros

Since 2013, Safely has powered the trust and insurance that allows homeowners and professional property managers to sleep well at night when renting their homes to internet strangers.

I never expected that the “retired teacher” who reserved my home was really a college senior who “borrowed” his grandmother’s Airbnb account. He threw a party and the police came – but not before my home was trashed. Safely went above and beyond to process my claim quickly so I could focus all of my attention on the repairs needed to get my home back on the market.
Jerry S.


I love working with everyone at Safely! They’re all kind, approachable, and if I have a problem, I can always talk to a real person. Everyone in their different departments can help me whether it’s finance, claims, or just questions.
Raina Pratt

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my existing homeowners insurance cover vacation rentals?

Depending on your homeowners insurance policy type and coverage levels there may not be coverage for all vacation rental situations. If you are renting your vacation home as a business, this situation generally requires commercial insurance.

What if my guest throws a wild party that gets out of control or steals something?

Safely covers accidental and malicious damage. If the guest throws and an unauthorized party, is intentionally destructive or steals something, it is still covered by Safely.

Who does Safely insure?

We cover three named-insured parties: you, your guest, and your property manager if you have one.

How quickly does Safely pay claims?

We pay claims in just 4.7 days on average, and directly into your bank account. More complex claims could take more time.

What is the deductible?

We have a standard deductible of $100.

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