Make Internet Strangers Your Trusted Guests

Comprehensive Guest Screening & Vacation Rental Insurance

“Safely is easily five years ahead of the market on vacation rental security. Their innovative approach added nearly 20% to my gross profit, and real peace of mind to my homeowners”Scott Drezel, Founder of Rentl

Safely believes in protecting the world’s vacation rentals.

We understand how hard it is to manage valuable homes in the global sharing economy. That’s why we’ve developed Safely short-term rental insurance and guest verification services that are specifically designed to improve modern property management. By increasing trust and safety in the vacation rental industry, we’ve made security simple.

Trust your guests

Trust Your Guests

Verify your guests before they book with comprehensive background checks.

“I was able to turn away a really bad person before they walked through the door. It keeps my neighborhood safe and my homeowners happy” – Tom S.

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Know the risks of reservations

Know the Risk

Use an accurate, predictive algorithm to evaluate the risk of every reservation.

“From the moment you login to the Safely Portal, everything is seamless. Everything you need is right there in front of you.” – Monarch Luxury Rentals

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Protect your homes with vacation rental insurance

Protect Your Homes

Easily secure your properties with up to $1,000,000 of primary commercial insurance.

“The portal is very simple. You can file a claim, track where it is in the process, see when it’s been completed and track our payment through there.” – Kristen

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Partner with the Pros

Grow your business by working with the world’s top insurance carriers and property management software companies. Safely seamlessly integrates with your property management software. All you need to do is connect your reservation calendars to your Safely account.

Vacation rental insurance for property managers
Fast insurance claims for vacation rentals

Responsive Claim Processing

We came on to Safely about three years ago, prior to that we were self insuring which worked for us pretty well but then we discovered that Safely offered a lot more protection for ourself and for our owners so it’s been a great move for us – Pam, White Sail

“I was able to easily file my claim with Safely and got money in my account in less than 2 weeks!”  – Tina

Responsive Claim Processing

“I was able to easily file my claim with Safely and got money in my account in less than 2 weeks!”  – Tina K. | Property Manager

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Fast insurance claims for vacation rental properties

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